October 25, 2020 3 min read

   With Halloween less than a week away, our beloved Spooky Season will soon be coming to a close.  And while 2020 may have thrown off your big party plans, that doesn’t mean this year can’t be fun. 

   Because we’re Lolamina, we need to have our dogs involved in everything we do.  And, with that in mind, we thought we should share some quarantine-friendly tips on how to celebrate Halloween with your furbaby.  So grab a costume, a pumpkin, and your best 4-legged friend, and get ready to make this year the cutest Halloween ever! 



   1. Movie Night

   When it comes to Halloween movies, we love both the spooky and scary.  But our absolute favorites?  They’re dog-related.  Obviously.

Frankenweenie: While technically a kid’s movie, this Tim Burton underrated classic deals with the mature theme of grief and loss.  A young boy tries to bring his family dog back to life, and we definitely relate to him.  We also want our best friends to live forever.  If you’re like us, and a little extra sensitive with this topic, maybe watch with some tissues on hand.

The Nightmare Before Christmas: A much lighter choice and perfect for people who, like us, are sad to see Halloween decorations leave, but will have their Christmas tree up by the stroke of midnight on November 1st.

It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown: A film that needs no introduction, The Great Pumpkin is universally adored. Though we are disappointed to see it leave TV this year, there’s still hope: it will be streaming for free on Apple TV from October 30th to November 1st.  

Silence of the Lambs: So this is definitely a scary, not a spooky. [SPOILER] To be honest, Precious is our favorite character.  And, with all the violence and gore, we’re really, REALLY happy that she makes it out alive.  



   2. Pumpkin Carving with the Pups 

Did you know that pumpkin has great health benefits for dogs?  When creating your beautiful Jack-O-Lantern, you can also make a special treat for your furbaby by making pumpkin puree.  Whether you put it in a kong, on top of their food, or really go all out and make homemade treats, we’re sure they'll love it.  Of course, ask your vet before introducing these foods, or making any changes to your pet’s diet. 



   3. Tricks and Treats

We all know how to prepare for trick or treaters.  But we’ve been noticing that families have been bringing their dogs along for the fun too – sometimes even wearing matching costumes!  To ensure that nobody is left out, stores have been keeping this in mind as well - offering sealed and individually wrapped treat bags.   So, from now on, we’ll be sure to keep a bowl of puppy treats next to the bowl of candy bars. 



     4. Halloween Paw-ty

 We know.  Its 2020.  We’re over Zoom.  But maybe its because you’re only having zoom parties with people?  Try having a costume contest with your pets, and having fun with it!  For instance, having a cat DJwith a nightclub backdrop would definitely be an interesting way to liven up the typical virtual happy hour.  

Or use the video chat boxes to your advantage – we immediately thought of the iconic Brady Bunch theme song, which made us immediately think of Olga, the hardest working poodle in the business… and that made us really happy. 



Still need inspiration?  Check out social media!  Instagram is already full of innovative and fun costume ideas.  We highly, HIGHLY recommend you check out Lily the Dachshund’s Instagram.  Her costumes are simply the best, and when it comes to paranormal investigations…. Her and her mommy are the best.  They need their own ghost hunting show.  They’re Halloween Queens!



  We hope that you’ll enjoy these spooky, safe ways to celebrate Halloween 2020 with your pets, and even be inspired to think of your own.  October is such a wonderful time of year - so savor every moment left!