Our Mission

Time and time again, I will go on social media and see a post that ruins my day.  I’ll see a photo of a gorgeous animal suffering, with sad eyes, and it breaks my heart.  They don’t understand the pain they’re in.  Sometimes they never knew another life besides the hell they’re stuck in. 


I’m tired of seeing all the different ways animals are mistreated: they’re tortured, abused, breeds become trendy one season and abandoned in the next.  They’re left alone in fatal storms while their families evacuate to find safety.  Older dogs are given up and traded in for younger models.  It’s disgusting.  


Whether it be a police dog putting their life on the line or your best fur-friend waiting by the door to greet you and make your day better - our animals do so much for us, every day, just because they love us.  We adore the pure goodness in each animal, we admire them, and we’re deeply grateful for all that they do. 


That’s why my mother and I created Lolamina - as a token of our gratitude.  In this jewelry line, each piece symbolizes a cause in need of help.  Portions of every sale will then give back to the cause it represents.  When I wear Lolamina, I’m showing my devotion to our mission.  I feel like I’m wearing my heart on my sleeve. 



We would love to save them all.  We would love to end the suffering of these beautiful animals.  It seems unrealistic, but then I realized it was only unrealistic if we were alone 🐾


I hope you’ll join us 🐾