October 30, 2020 2 min read


This weekend, the world will see the first Full Halloween moon in 76 years.  And a blue moon too?  Even rarer

But that's pretty on-brand for 2020, an exceptionally bizarre year.  We've even seen a rise in haunted house reports, claim some paranormal experts.  There are many factors that could contribute to this phenomenon.  With people home now more than ever before, they're around to notice the activity.  More generally, times of high public anxiety have been said to spike an interest in the supernatural.  

And even without the year we've had, most people, whether they believe in ghosts or not, have seen or heard something that is truly eerie and beyond their comprehension.  Some have stories not even involving themselves, but their pets.  The internet is full of ghost stories – first hand accountsof people observing strange and unexplained behavior from animals.  

Though some would argue that while these behaviors seem out-of-this-world, they have a very natural and logical explanation.  For example - ever have someone in your home, that your dog just didn’t like or warm up to?  Likely, that's not by chance.  Dogs are socially aware.  They’re able to understand body language, tone, and studies suggest they can even sense deception.  That doesn't even count the heightened senses that are just common knowledge.  Because of their exceptional hearing and scent detection, police and military K9s at brought to do jobs that humans just can't.  

Overall, the question of whether dogs can sense spirits is still unanswered.  It really all comes down to if you even believe such things even exist.  While some will say these senses are why dogs can sense spirits, others will say they're just observing things in the natural world that we can't. 

 But, believer or not, we’re wishing everyone a Happy Halloween!   Remember to keep all of your furbabies home safe, and if you still don’t have plans… well… we have a few ideas that can fix that