July 28, 2021 2 min read


The love of a dog is not something anyone can describe to you.  If you know, you just get it.  The feeling can manifest itself as bedtime snuggles or a paw on your lap while you watch tv together.  It’s the happiness of coming home to them, knowing they’ll be just as excited to see you.  

Not everyone gets the feeling.   To some, dogs are “just dogs”.  But if you’ve taken pictures of your dog sleeping, over and over, because they’re too adorable - you get it.  Every second with them is so precious, you need to capture every single one. 

Which brings us to the problem with dogs: people.  An animal’s unconditional love makes them vulnerable to those who abuse them.  There are people who torture dogs.  There are people who hear their cries for help and do nothing.  It is an exceptional type of cruelty that is, disturbingly, not exceptionally rare.  To most, these are heartbreaking stories.  But when you have loved a dog, when you get the feeling, they’re infuriating. 

Everyone has seen a story of a suffering animal that comes back to life once they’ve found their forever home.  Once these animals are given a chance to grow, they thrive.  

As animal lovers and a small business, Lolamina understands that concept.  Not a company, but a community, Lolamina knows the problem with dogs.  We want to help them.  Whether it is a police dog without a vest, a senior dog abandoned for being too old, or an abused dog needing surgery to recover – our mission is to help those who save them.  With every sale, we give back to organizations working to get dogs into loving homes. 

Everyone wants to give a gift that’s special and meaningful.  Giving something from Lolamina is exactly that because you give twice.  Once with the piece itself and again, with your purchase going back to animals in need.  We want to connect with every person who shares our mission, who gets the feeling.  If we’re successful, dogs will never know abuse again.  But we can’t do that alone and we hope you join us.