September 21, 2020 2 min read

We were so happy to hear that Schitt’s Creek swept the Emmy’s last night. The show holds a special place in our hearts and so many others. Since we discovered it in quarantine, it has become a happy escape from a crazy world. Watching the Rose family develop around the good natured people of the town - it makes you crave that wholesome and neighborly feeling in your everyday life, which seems to be harder to come by these days.  


A way of capturing that friendliness, without leaving your home, is by shopping at small businesses. When you shop small, you aren’t just buying a product. You’re nurturing ambition and making dreams come true.  


And with that comes so many amazing things! Just an example, we received the sweetest package over the weekend. Our friend Sophie and her mommy started their own business of luxury dog accessories. She puts so much pride into her work and it truly shows. We’ve purchased from their beautiful store, and were so impressed by the ornate details and unique designs. These accessories can’t be found in any department store or even boutique. They are truly made for royalty!  


So you can imagine my excitement when I received a surprise from Sophie Baby Designs - a beautiful blue collar made just for my Mina. There was no reason or occasion - just a selfless act of kindness from one business to another.    


It is also so rare to find brands that can accommodate sizes for larger breeds. Even with her being petite, its hard to find pretty and girly things for Mina. And without saying a word, Sophie Baby Designs knew my struggle. Her gift to us was so thoughtful, we appreciate her so much. We encourage all our supporters to shop small, because it is so significant <3 


Be sure to check out Sophie Baby Designs here !