September 12, 2020 1 min read

With Labor Day weekend gone, summer has come to its close.  And now fall is (almost) officially here!  We feel like everyone has been particularly excited for the leaves to turn this year.   They mean so much more now.  Though maybe not exactly in the way we’d like, we get closer to celebrating the holidays.  After that, 2021.  The changing seasons is a reminder that 2020, a terrible time for so many, will end soon.

This year was so hard for so many people.  There was so much loss, anger, and grief.  Life changed for everyone and the ripple effect of that will be felt for a long time.  But, in all the darkness, there was hope.  People celebrated birthdays, weddings.  They banged on pots and pans, cheering, thanking the heroes who kept us safe.  Kids drew rainbows and put them in windows.   

There is a reason people share rainbows whenever they need to spread hope and love.  They make us smile and remind us of the light after the darkness.   They make us feel like there are better things coming.  


Because there are.  


We created this necklace as a symbol of hope – to anyone going through a storm right now.  Things may be dark but its nothing to fear.  It only means your rainbow is coming soon.  

We hope everyone is staying safe, sane, and strong.  


With Love,